My blog just achieved 10000 page views in 8 months

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It’s been amazing ride for me so far this year. My biggest New Year’s resolution was to be more active in amazing Sitecore Community. Goal was basically helping not only within my company but also others outside it.

I have been working with Sitecore for almost 5 years already and gained pretty good knowledge of the whole platform and lots of its modules. I have been on projects which were “just” CMS implementations but also on projects using Email Experience Manager, Data Exchange Framework / CRM Connect module, Sitecore Experience Commerce and lately couple of projects with Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA).



Today it made my day when I was saw in my blog’s stats that I have achieved nice milestone. 10000+ page views on my blog with almost 4900 visitors. I came to this milestone just in 8 months as I actively started blogging only in February.

From February this year I have written and published 50 blog posts including this one.

From July this year on wards, I have 2000+ page views of my blog every month:

Wordpress September 2018

This just amazes me!

I could not have thought at the beginning of February that I will receive this kind of reaction and that my blog posts will help so many people.

The most viewed blog posts where the ones about installation of Sitecore 9 / Sitecore Commerce 9 and about books that Sitecore developers should read this year. Also how to setup Sitecore Commerce 9, Helix and all other e-reader related documentation that I have created and shared with Sitecore Community in my github were pretty popular too. Great number of visits have also learning resources for Sitecore Commerce 9, Sitecore Commerce 9 trainings and recently SXA related blog posts.


Sitecore StackExchange / Slack

I already answered many questions this year on Sitecore StackExchange and also Sitecore Slack within various topics and channels. I am currently second in this year’s statistics on Sitecore StackExchange with 3377 reputation points gained so far:

StackExchange September 2018.png

And still counting! 🙂


Thank you!

Thank you all my readers, followers and friends for your comments, retweets, private messages on Slack and additional questions on Stack Exchange that helped me improve myself but not only myself overall but also ways how I express myself.

Special thanks goes to:

  • Vlad Iobagiu – even though he drives me “nuts” as he is first on StackExchange this year 😉 but he is always willing to help and I appreciate that
  • Saad Ansari – for his comments how to improve my blog and it’s look and feel
  • Martina Welander – for her awesome job made on improving Sitecore documentation (especially around xConnect and GDPR / Privacy) that saved me ton of hours that I could otherwise spent in dotPeek and could use those hours instead to write more blog posts or answer more questions on StackExchange 😉
  • Viet Hoang, Akshay Sura, Kamruz Jaman, Mark Cassidy, Adam Najmanowicz, Dawid Rutkowski, Gert Gullentops, Dylan Young, Jason Wilkerson, Tamas Varga, John West, Una Verhoeven, Richard Szalay, Chris Williams, Pete Navarra, Marek Musielak, Tamas Tarnok, J.F. Larente, Alan Płócieniak, Michael West, Jeff L’Heureux, Dmytro Shevchenko, Richard Seal, Naveed Ahmad, Ishraq Al Fataftah, Varun Nehra, Amitabh Vyas, Elena Zlateva and all the rest of you for all your inspirational and exceptional work…
  • Last but not least Ryan Bailey. You will be missed and also your great blog posts!

Big “Thank you” again all!


Share your knowledge.
It’s a way to achieve immortality.

Dalai Lama

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