My 2018 Reflections

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2018 was amazing year for me. Even though I have worked with Sitecore platform already for 4+ years, I learnt a ton about it in 2018. I have also worked a lot with SXA in 2018 which was incredible experience.

Below are my reflections of 2018.


Conferences & SUGs

Attended 1 conference

Attended 3 User Groups

Presented 4 Talks

Recorded 1 session

  • 10th October – I recorded my session “SXA in Action” during Sitecore Symposium 2018 in Orlando, FL. This session should be broadcast at the beginning of March during Sitecore Virtual Developer Day 2019. First time in front of camera so be merciful when watching please 🙂


Blog posts

I published 66 blog posts in 2018 on various topics like SXA, Sitecore Commerce 9, Sitecore Installation, Sitecore 9 Publishing Targets,…

I have also published a lot of Sitecore related ebooks (in mobi, epub and pdf formats so suitable for any e-reader like Kindles, Kobos, Pocketbooks or laptops) generated from Helix documentation, Sitecore Commerce 9 documentation.

I also published specialized blog posts like Sitecore Developer Bookshelf 2018 or Sitecore Experience Commerce (SXC) 9 Essentials Certification Study Guide.


My blog had 8630 visitors that visited altogether 17778 pages in 2018:

wordpress 2018

wordpress 2018 overall

I have made first 10000 visited pages by end of September and in just 3 following months until end of the year I reached almost 8000 more so almost doubling it. I couldn’t imagine this at the beginning of the year. I am usually not writing short blog posts as you can see. I have written 43259 words in my blog posts in total in 2018 which makes it 655 in average per blog post.  I have received awesome response to my articles not only in 90 comments on my blog directly but also on Twitter and LinkedIn. Also Sitecore itself shared my articles on their Twitter or Facebook accounts. Great recognition.

I am happy for every single visit and if I only helped one person, it was worth it!


Sitecore Stack Exchange

  • 4649 reputation points (4624 total)
  • 159 answers (159 total)
  • 44 questions (45 total)

I was #2 in reputation points for year 2018 gained 4649 reputation points altogether and probably also jumper of year as I went +246 up in year ranking 🙂

2018 final.png

and ended #15 all time by number of reputation points:

2018 alltime.png

I made some really serious questions but I have made also some funny ones like whether there are some Easter eggs in Sitecore. For some questions that I have posted, I have also posted answer either straight away or after some investigation. One such a question and answer combo was also converted into community wiki and it will help you get up to speed with Sitecore Commerce 9 development.


Sitecore Slack

I was pretty active on various channels on Sitecore Chat on Slack.

Mostly on XConnect, SXA, HabitatHome, Commerce, Stack Exchange and Venting 🙂

Join Sitecore Slack by following this great article by @jammykam ->






Plans for 2019

Learn & use

  • Sitecore SXA 1.8
  • Sitecore 9.1


  • Unofficial Sitecore SXA Youtube channel
  • SUGCON / Sitecore Symposium 2019
  • SUG Budapest
  • SUG Chennai


  • SUG Czechia  & Slovakia #2 in March 2019


  • Lose weight



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