Sitecore Commerce 9 Business Tools: Permissions

After successfully installing Sitecore Commerce 9 on PaaS, I wanted to open Business Tools. I have forgotten one step that I did on premise and left user just as regular Sitecore Administrator. Problem description Unfortunately, when trying to access Business Tools, I just saw indefinite loop and couldn't log in: In Developer Tools I saw... Continue Reading →

28 Days of Sitecore Rocks Documentation

Couple of months ago, I created ebook documentation out of great blog series made by Trevor Campbell with title - 28 Days of Sitecore Rocks. It's a bit older series of blog post but definitely still valid for Sitecore Developers using Sitecore Rocks with Visual Studio. You can download this documentation on below links: for... Continue Reading →

Creating new connection string in Sitecore throws exception

I was trying to add new publishing target into my Sitecore 9 instance when I received this error message while logging into Sitecore or doing basically anything with Sitecore: Textual representation of exception: Server Error in '/' Application. One or more exceptions occurred while processing the subscribers to the 'property:changed' event. Description: An unhandled exception occurred... Continue Reading →

Adding Publishing Targets in Sitecore 9

You are usually adding new publishing targets in Sitecore because of different geographic regions or databases in different data centers where you are hosting these web databases. For a long time, for Sitecore 7 and 8, process for creating new publishing target was more or less the same. You have created new entry in ConnectionStrings.config,... Continue Reading →

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