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When I was planning my trip to Sitecore Symposium in 2018, I was thinking about making and wearing some special SXA themed t-shirt.

I have realized unfortunately that there is no official or unofficial SXA logo despite JSS, SPE and some others had one.

As you probably realized, I had created one:



It (hopefully) symbols acceleration in Sitecore projects that SXA can bring to you.

Seems that the logo was adopted in Sitecore community and was used also by others:

You can download latest version of this SXA logo in svg, eps and png format from below link:

You can also check other SXA assets that I added to that repository:

You can also find more SXA content in my other SXA related blog posts.

And this is the t-shirt I have made:


SXA all the things!

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