My 2019 Reflections

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2019 was truly great year for me. Our second son was born in October and we have moved to our first house. I have also received my very first Sitecore Technology MVP and Sitecore Community Friend awards. I have also continued working with SXA for one of our clients and had really incredible experience with it.

I have fulfilled all my plans that I had for 2019 which is amazing and I am really grateful for any help that I have received to make it happen. I have presented on couple of meetups, learnt and used SXA 1.8 and Sitecore 9.1 and I have lost also some weight ;). List of all plans for 2019 can be found at the end of this blog post.

Below are my reflections of 2019.


Conferences & SUGs

Attended 1 conference


Organized User Groups


Presented 5 talks

Attended User Groups


Sitecore Virtual Developer Day 2019

  • On 10th October 2018 I have recorded my session “SXA in Action” during Sitecore Symposium 2018 in Orlando, FL. It was broadcasted on 7th March 2019. You can watch the recording here and take a look on slides here.


Blog posts

I have published 32 blog posts in 2019 on various topics like SXA, Sitecore Installation and a lot of Sitecore related ebooks (in mobi, epub and pdf formats so suitable for any e-reader like Kindles, Kobos, Pocketbooks or laptops) generated from Helix and SXA documentation.

I also published specialized blog posts like Sitecore Developer Bookshelf 2019 or SXA Learning Resources.


My blog was visited by 26602 visitors that visited altogether 54026 pages in 2019:


wordpress 2019

wordpress 2019 overall

In year 2018, I had 17778 viewed pages by 8630 visitors. I have tripled these figures this year which I feel amazing! I am very happy that my articles are retweeted by my fellow Sitecore MVPs, other Sitecore developers and also by Sitecore itself which shares my articles on their Twitter or Facebook accounts. Great recognition.

I am happy for every single visit and if I only helped one person, it was worth it!


Sitecore Stack Exchange

  • 2583 reputation points (7656 total)
  • 57 answers (216 total)
  • 3 questions (48 total)

I was #7 in reputation points for year 2019 gaining 2583 reputation points 🙂

2019 final.png

and I was still #15 in All Time by number of reputation points. I am getting closer to #13 and #14 🙂

2019 alltime 2

Sitecore Slack

I was pretty active on various channels on Sitecore Chat on Slack.

Mostly on SXA, XConnect, HabitatHome, Commerce, Stack Exchange and Venting 🙂

Join Sitecore Slack by following this great article by @jammykam ->





Plans for 2020

Learn & use

  • Sitecore SXA 9.3
  • Sitecore 9.3


  • Unofficial Sitecore SXA Youtube channel
  • SUGCON / Sitecore Symposium 2020
  • SUG Meetups


  • SUG Czechia  & Slovakia #4 in Spring 2020


  • Plant tree for at each family member and work more in garden during weekends

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