“Using & Customizing SXA” presentation / webinar for SUG Hungary (27th September 2019)

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It’s been pleasure for me to join the stage with Akshay Sura and Jason Wilkerson on their SUG Tour EU 2019. I have joined and presented on one of their stops in Budapest (Hungary) on SUG meetup organized on 27th September 2019. I have presented session about my favourite topic – SXA – with title “Using & Customizing SXA”.


You can find my slides on SlideShare as always:

There was also live stream of mine, Akshay’s and Jason’s sessions which is now available on Youtube:


Thanks for having me. I had great time on meetup and also the talk during beer afterwards:


View of Budapest Parliament always amazes me in the night:


Any comments much appreciated!

Till next time!

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