First ever Sitecore User Group Meetup organized in Bratislava, Slovakia

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Just before Easter time and right after SUGCON Europe conference, me together with my company Accenture Slovakia organized first ever Sitecore User Group Meetup in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Almost 20 Sitecore professionals met there from various countries – Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Poland. It was really great to have people from various countries sharing their knowledge for our great crowd / audience.

It was pleasure for me to host this amazing event.

Agenda of meetup

  1. Introduction
  2. SUGCON Europe 2019 Reflections – Peter Prochazka
  3. Sitecore MVP Program – Tamas Varga
  4. Extend Sitecore Commerce – Vlad Iobagiu
  5. Practical Helix in Action – Tibor Csiba
  6. How to create mobile application using React native and Sitecore JSS – Kubo Satnik a Petr Kasparek


Sessions overview


Meetup started with Introduction to first SUG organized in Slovakia 🙂


First session: SUGCON 2019 Reflections presented by me

I have continued with my reflections of SUGCON Europe 2019. As I had 30 minutes for my session, I only talked about subset of sessions and events that I have attended there. It was great event overall and every single session that I have attended broaden my knowledge of that topic.

Sessions I have talked about and that you can find also on slides on SlideShare:

  • Sitecore Host: Architecture and Plugin Design session presented by Kieran Marron & Stephen Pope on SUGCON
  • Helix Mutations and Changing Habitat presented by Nick Wesselman on SUGCON
  • Hackathon Award Ceremony & 2019 MVP Award Ceremony & Community Quiz Night
  • 10x Your Sitecore Development presented by Mark Cassidy on SUGCON
  • UX4CX – Designing a website for personalization presented by Alison Sainsbury on SUGCON
  • Sitecore 9.2 the hidden bits presented by Pieter Brinkman on SUGCON

I have shared slides from my session on SlideShare:


Second session: Sitecore MVP Program presented by Tamas Varga


Tamas Varga (Sitecore) was talking about Sitecore MVP program during his session. He talked about benefits and also some key milestones during year that MVPs can look for.

Key takeaways of this session were:

Becoming Sitecore MVP is not a goal! Contribute to Sitecore Community to help others not to get award! Extraordinary contributors will be recognized with MVP.

Quality over Quantity!

Third session: Extend Sitecore Commerce presented by Vlad Iobagiu


Vlad Iobagiu (Freelance Sitecore / Sitecore Commerce developer) continued with session about extending Sitecore Commerce. He started with short history of product and continued with some tips and tweaks he did to extend or customize Sitecore Commerce 9.

We were lucky to see probably first (except Sitecore internal demos of course ;-)) Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.1 demo in the world:


I believe Vlad will release his extensions on GitHub or at least make some blog posts so others can do similar tweaks. They were really helpful and interesting!

Fourth session: Practical Helix in Action presented by Tibor Csiba


Tibor Csiba (Accenture Slovakia) talked about advantages and disadvantages following Helix. He also mentioned that sometimes using pragmatic approach is better to just rigorously following some practices.

He talked also about tools they use on their current project like TDS together with Glassmapper and T4 templates to generate template classes. They also use Yeoman to create VS projects. Very nice overview of used tools and something to inspire others.

Fifth session: How to create mobile application using React native and Sitecore JSS presented by Jakub Satnik a Petr Kasparek

Petr Kasparek and Jakub Satnik (both Oriflame) concluded our meetup with talk about React Native and JSS.

Petr started with introduction of Oriflame company and Jakub continued with more technical goodies.

Jakub showed us their approach of creating mobile app and web app using Sitecore JSS and React Native Web / React Native. They have one repository that can be built either to web or as a mobile app without maintaining two set of source codes.

Very interesting session with lot of questions from audience afterwards. Seems that JSS has some hype in community 🙂


And of course, we have finished the meetup with couple of beers and shots to celebrate successful event.

Great to see you also offline 🙂

See you next time in Prague!

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