Sitecore SXA: Set Google Maps for map component with latest pricing changes

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I was preparing presentation about Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) and as always I wanted to showcase also awesome Map component.

To my surprise, I have seen this when I added Map component to page:

sxa map 01.png

I remembered that previously this was working without any further setup.

I found this article in SXA documentation on how to set authorization key for map provider. This was not required to do before but I have tried that.

I have followed instructions from that article. Therefore I went to Settings/Maps Provider under my current tenant, and in the Properties section, in the Key field, I entered the authorization key that I have generated with my Google account as it was missing:

sxa map 02

Unfortunately this did not solve the issues completely:

sxa map 02b

I was scratching my head first and tried to remember what I have done to authorization key in Google Maps setup. Maps were working just as expected in the past with or without that key.

I have then went to browser console and saw this exception:

sxa map 02c

And it just hit me. I instantly remembered some news regarding changing in Google Maps in June 2018 and some 200$ limit that you can spent free of charge every month and was sure that this is definitely the case, the root cause of this issue.

I headed to my project api list:

but I was redirected to a page with list of apis:

which looked like this:

sxa map 03

I have then enabled all APIs, with “API” at the end of their name + Places API for Web, like this:

sxa map 03b

with this list of enabled APIs at the end:

sxa map 04

After these changes finally SXA map component with Google Maps started to work:

sxa map 05

Have no worries enabling all of those APIs. You have 200$ month budget to spent and you are paying only for services that you use. You are not paying by number of enabled APIs!

More about SXA map component in one my next blog posts.

Stay tuned!




Thanks for reading this article which is my 50th blog post and 49th this year!



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