“Are Frameworks evil? Should you care about Sitecore SXA and JSS?” Presentation / Webinar for SUG India (24th May 2022)

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Just couple of days after my first online webinar with the same topic done for SUG Chennai and also second one for SUG Austria, I have done another one for SUG India on 24th May 2022. I couldn’t present this topic in person as planned on SUGCON 2022 in Budapest so I was happy that I could do it already third time. I was really happy I was asked to present at the beginning of this year.

I have talked about differences of libraries, SDKs and frameworks. What are their pros and cons. What Sitecore SXA and JSS are from these and whether you should use them or not. I have talked about their benefits but also about drawbacks.

You can find the slides here:

Unfortunately, there is no recording of this session…

I have enjoyed the sessions and meetup a lot!

Till next time!

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