“FROM HERO TO ZERO AND BACK TO HERO” Presentation / Webinar for SUG Chennai (29th April 2021)

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This was third stop for my presentation “From Hero to Zero and back to Hero”. On 29th April 2021, it was for SUG Chennai this time. I have already presented this topic for SUG Baltics and SUG Budapest but I have enhance the talk with more information about React/JavaScript and Sitecore JSS and removed some slides to make the session more dynamic 🙂

I have presented mine and my teams’ journey with Sitecore JSS and React. What we had to learn and how we have changed certain processes. It was also about going out of our comfort zone of longtime back-end development to front-end/JavaScript/React development with Sitecore JSS.

Watch the recording (some minutes are missing from the beginning):

Slides for my session can be found on SlideShare as always:

I have enjoyed the sessions and meetup a lot!

Till next time!

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