Creating version specific Sitecore JSS projects

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To start a new JSS project, you need to use these 4 handy commands and run them in Terminal:

npm install -g @sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss-cli
jss create my-first-jss-app react
cd my-first-jss-app
jss start

Of course this is valid for React so replace “react” in second line with “vue”, “angular” or “nextjs” respectively based on your framework/ui library of choice.

This command will take latest release and use it as template when creating your new project.

If you are developing on older version of Sitecore than latest, you need to use a slightly enhanced command.

Instead of typing this:

jss create my-first-jss-app react

you need to use below command where b parameter should contain release number of JSS release package which is compatible with your Sitecore version. So for Sitecore 9.3, JSS 13.0.0 is the right one:

jss create my-first-jss-app react -b release/13.0.0

You can find valid options by opening stale branches of Sitecore JSS github repo -> .

If you are not certain which JSS version is compatible with your Sitecore version, Sitecore has a very nice KB article with matrix:

Look for “Headless Services”:

Unfortunately table is not sticky so you need to goof around. I have already raised this with Sitecore so expecting resolution shortly…

Happy coding.

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