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Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS) is a complete SDK for JavaScript developers that enables you to build full-fledged solutions using Sitecore and modern JavaScript UI libraries and frameworks.

I have gathered some learning materials and resources that can help you get started with development with this great module.


1. Sitecore JSS Documentation

Great resource to start is official Sitecore JSS documentation ->

It’s really nicely written and structured where at the beginning you have everything to get you up to speed with “Getting Started” section. It continues with “Fundamentals” and “Frameworks overview“. Once you master those, you are ready for more advanced topics in last section “Techniques“.

2. Youtube

If you are person to see things in action rather then reading about them, there are plenty of great YouTube videos and playlists to watch:

3. Blogs

There are lots of Sitecore developers / employees out there who share their knowledge, expertise and experience through their blogs, github repos, youtube channels and so on. Some are specialized in Sitecore JSS particularly. This can be great source of knowledge and could help you get started and also find solutions to your problems pretty quickly.

Some notable Sitecore JSS bloggers you should follow (some are also Sitecore Technology MVPs):

4. Twitter

If you are on twitter, you can check #SitecoreJSS hashtag from time to time or use TweetDeck for that 😉

5. JSS GitHub Repo

Official JSS GitHub Repo contains source code for all Sitecore JSS packages as well as samples to help you get started using Sitecore JSS. Good place to start.

And don’t forget to contribute! PRs are welcomed by JSS team.

6. Help

If you are seeking help, you can use lot’s of channels:

– Sitecore Stack Exchange –
– Sitecore Slack Channel – (join #headless channel) – read here how to join
– Sitecore General Modules Community / Forums (JSS questions goes there) –
– Sitecore Support –

Rock and Roll with Sitecore JSS!

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