Installing Sitecore 10 Using Sitecore Install Assistant (SIA)

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Sitecore Install Assistant (SIA) is graphical user interface to Sitecore Installation Framework (SIF). It is one of installation options that you have for Sitecore. With Sitecore 10, it is the third version of this tool. SIA was introduced with Sitecore 9.2 and enhanced in version Sitecore 9.3.

There were lot of new features introduced for SIA in Sitecore 9.3.

When I quickly compared Sitecore 10 and Sitecore 9.3 versions of SIA, there is no apparent visual change to this tool. Only difference in config file is usage of SIF version 2.3 instead of SIF 2.2. But if you install it with SIF 2.2 it will still go through (at least in my case).

So go ahead and follow my other blog post about installing Sitecore 9.3 with SIA. For Sitecore 10 it was pretty much the same.

You may experience small issue with logging into Sitecore after installation with

Unrecognized SameSiteMode value -1

error message. Take a look on my answer on StackExchange to solve it ->

Looking forward installing Sitecore 10 using Docker 🙂


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