Setting up custom modules with Sitecore SXA

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There are couple of options / settings that you can set up for your custom modules in Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA).

For setting up Site, go to your Module (located under /sitecore/Settings/…) and there should be Site Setup item underneath. There are couple of fields that you can customize:

  • Name
  • Dependencies
  • Include by default
  • Include if installed
  • Is system module



Let’s take a look what each means.


Value in Name field let you specify name of your site module that will be used in site creation wizard.

I have slightly changed Name with suffix “Altered” and this is how Site Creation Wizard looks now:



You can specify order of modules which will be installed

Include by default

When you create new module, this field is unchecked by default. To check it by default, mark also this checkbox.

When I have marked it, it is checked by default in Site Creation Wizard:


Include if installed

This setting is tight with Tenant actions and if selected action was applied it will automatically install this module. Otherwise it it’s empty, it will just give you possibility to install module via Site Creation Wizard.

Is system module

If you select this setting, module will be installed by default without any option for site creators. It basically won’t appear in Site Creation Wizard and will be just installed automatically. This is great when you have some dependencies between modules and you want to make sure that the module will be installed always.


This was for Site Setup.

Tenant has similar options with same meaning for Tenant Creation Wizard but only 3 of them:

  • Name
  • Include by default
  • Is system module


SXA all the things!



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