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Sitecore Experience Accelerator is really great module for Sitecore that can accelerate development with it. I have gathered some learning materials and resources that can help you get started with development with Sitecore SXA. Hopefully it will be helpful for you!

1. Sitecore SXA Documention

Great resource to start is Sitecore SXA documentation:

2. Youtube

When you like to see things in action and narrated – take a look on dedicated “Short, unofficial, ad-hoc, Sitecore SXA tutorials” channel on Youtube. There is ton of information there! It is collaborative approach of many community members working with Sitecore SXA.

Lot’s of other great sxa recordings can be found on youtube in general as well.

3. Trainings / Exams

There are no official Sitecore SXA Online or Onsite Trainings done by Sitecore.

There is however 2 day workshop done by Hedgehog. As Sitecore recently acquired this company I believe this will be available by Sitecore in near future.

4. SXA related blog posts / links

Martin Miles is maintaining list of useful SXA related blog posts or questions on Stack Exchange.

It is great source of knowledge to start with or maybe to find solution to your exact problem.

You can find it here but be aware that first load is a bit slower. But worth waiting 😉

5. Blogs

There are lots of Sitecore developers / employees out there who share their knowledge, expertise and experience through their blogs, youtube channels and so on similar as I do. Some are specialized in Sitecore SXA particularly. This can be great source of knowledge and could help you get started and also find solutions to your problems pretty quickly. Because as you know, there is big probability that somebody experienced same problems as you before or somebody already developed similar solution to your current requirements 😉 Also wise people learn by other’s faults 😉

Some notable Sitecore SXA bloggers you should follow (some are also Sitecore Technology MVPs):

6. Twitter

If you are on twitter, you can check #sxa hashtag from time to time or use TweetDeck for that 😉

Some notable twitter accounts to follows regarding Sitecore SXA:

7. Help

If you are seeking help, you can use lot’s of channels:

– Sitecore Stack Exchange –
– Sitecore Slack Channel – (join #sxa channel) – read here how to join
– Sitecore General Modules Community / Forums (SXA questions goes there) –
– Sitecore Support –

Have a great journey with Sitecore SXA!

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