Sitecore Commerce 9 Business Tools: Permissions

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After successfully installing Sitecore Commerce 9 on PaaS, I wanted to open Business Tools. I have forgotten one step that I did on premise and left user just as regular Sitecore Administrator.

Problem description

Unfortunately, when trying to access Business Tools, I just saw indefinite loop and couldn’t log in:

bizfx issue paas

In Developer Tools I saw that 3 requests have been returned with 403 Forbidden response:

  • 2 responses for GET method –
  • 1 response for GET method –


Solution was pretty easy.

I have assigned “Commerce Administrator” role to my user and it started to work.

You can configure users and assign roles using the “User Manager” tool on the “Sitecore Launchpad”:

Based on Installation guide for Sitecore Commerce 9, minimum role to access Business Tools is “Commerce Business User”.


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