Possibilities of synchronizing Unicorn items into Sitecore

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You have couple of options to share Sitecore items between developers. Most favorite once these days are TDS and Unicorn.

If you are using Unicorn and want all projects in your solution to be synced, you have these three options:

  1. In browser directly navigate to https://your-instance-name/unicorn.aspx?verb=Sync
  2. In browser navigate to https://your-instance-name/unicorn.aspx and hit big “Sync all the things” button on the top:enter image description here
  3. In Visual Studio (VS) by running “05-Sync-Unicorn” Gulp task. This is valid if your solution is Helix/Habitat based. See more info here:enter image description here

If you want to sync only one project, you have only one option:

  1. In browser navigate to https://your-instance-name/unicorn.aspx and for desired project hit “Sync” button enter image description here

Successful serialization and deserialization of items during sync 🙂


    1. I would suggest to ask in Sitecore Slack on #Unicorn channel or ask a question on Sitecore StackExchange. There is possibly solution for your issue on Sitecore StackExhange I guess so search first there Blog post comments are not suitable for these kind of questions… Good luck with resolving your issue!

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