Various ways of changing item icons in Sitecore

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I was always changing item icons through ribbon but I recently found small bug in Sitecore 9 Update 1 that brought me to explore new possibilities.

If you want to change icon in Sitecore, you can do it in four possible ways through two different interfaces:

      1. The faster one when you are already In Visual Studio is through Sitecore Rocks. Open Sitecore Explorer Toolbar and navigate to item which icon you would like to change:sricons01 You will see below wizard. Just pick one and click OK:sricons02
      2. In Content Editor click on icon next to Item name in Content tab: icons01
      3. In Content Editor click on “Open Icon” button in Appearance section in Content tab:icons02
      4. In Content Editor go to “Configure” ribbon and click on “Icon” button:icons03 You will see recently used icons or most frequently used icons. You can also click on “More Icons” button which will open dialog mentioned below.
      5. You will always end up in very same dialog in Content Editor to change icon:icons04

        First you will always see Recent icons.

        By clicking on Icons section, you can choose icons divided by categories.

        Happy coding!

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