Sitecore Helix Documentation v1.1

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UPDATE – Latest version of this documentation can be found in this blog post.


I have almost finished reading Sitecore Helix documentation online when I had to travel abroad. I had to think of how I will finish it on my ebook reader (Kindle). I have therefore started to explore some options how to download it and make an ebook out of it.

At the end I had used HTTrack to download original documentation as HTML files. I have removed lots of unnecessary stuff for ebooks (side menu, breadcrumbs, footer, prev/next buttons and so on) using Notepad++ and regular expressions. I have used Sigil to create ePub first and using Calibre to convert result to mobi and pdf formats.

You can download latest Sitecore Helix Documentation on below links:


Feel free to comment some mistakes or suggestions how to improve these ebooks.

This is my first post. More to come!


I have released similar e-reader compatible guidelines since this initial post. Take a look here.

You can also go directly to my github and browse my repositories.


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